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Greg Satorie is the Music Director, accompanist, arranger and baritone voice in the group. He believes he contracted the HIV virus in August of 1981, and has worked as an activist on behalf of people living with HIV/AIDS since 1987 and in HIV prevention education since 1993.

Greg moved to Baltimore in 1988 where he became active with the People with AIDS/HIV Coalition of Baltimore, serving as Secretary of the board during John Stuban's term as President, and then two terms as President himself after John Stuban died due to complications of AIDS. Concurrently he served on the nominating committee for the Ryan White Planning Council, as a member of the Johns Hopkins ACTG Community Advisory Board, and as Chair of the CPCRA Community Advisory Board of Baltimore TRIALS Inc. He has also served on the 1115 Medicare Waiver committee representing persons living with AIDS.

In 2002 and 2003, Greg spent several months in Namibia in southwestern Africa as an HIV Educator with Catholic AIDS Action (CAA). In 2003, CAA published his writings in two books: "Twelve Steps To Living Positively With HIV" and "How to Start a Support Group" both of which are in wide distribution amongst people living with HIV/AIDS in Namibia.

Today, along with his work with Positive Voices, Greg currently makes frequent appearances as an HIV Prevention Educator for the Steven Kaufman AIDS Outreach Project of Jewish Community Services in Baltimore.

Greg has served as the Minister of Music at Grace United Church of Christ in Baltimore since 1991, as an organist and choir director for St. Wenceslas Catholic Church in Baltimore for the 8:30 mass since 2000, and as a frequent Cantor and accompanist for several area churches for weddings funerals and Saturday afternoon services. Greg has also served as the Music Director for the Czech Slovak Heritage Singers in Maryland since 2000.

Greg is an avid gardener, and attributes his longevity primarily to his faith, and additionally to the exercise and healthy eating associated with enjoying the fresh produce and herbs he grows at his home in Baltimore.

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