Sharing Remembrance, Healing and Hope with the World


Many people have been performing members with Positive Voices since its founding, dedicating many hours to educating and singing with the group.  All but three of the Founding members, have had to leave the group due to health or work schedule related issues, with the exception of Harry Lee Jordan, III, who passed away while a performing member.

Current Performing Members

The current Performing Members are, Kevin Clemons, Bill Redmond-Palmer and Greg Satorie-Robinson.

Past Performing Members

A number of other members have performed with Positive Voices over the years.

Frank Burrus was a founding singer and accompanist with the group, but left due to ill health.  His health has since improved, and he is again working in the Nursing field.

Rick Poloway was a founding singer who continues to attend performances and support the group, along with hosting many performances at his home.  Between moving to western Maryland and work requirements, he has been unable to remain active.

Harry Lee Jordan III served as an accompanist, tenor, and assistant music director to the group.  Harry brought new music, new ideas, and much joy to the group before he passed away several years ago.

Daniel Premack performed as a Tenor for several years with the group sharing his inspirational story many times.

Jon Rybka lent his tenor voice and vibrant spirit to the group for over a year.

Donald Tymons was with us for a short time, but shared many ideas and music which the group still uses.