Sharing Remembrance, Healing and Hope with the World

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 The Positive Voices of Baltimore



For almost two decades, Kevin Clemons, Bill Redmond-Palmer, and Greg Satorie-Robinson have been “Positive Voices”.  With others along the way, they have shared stories and songs about life, love, and remembrance, speaking openly and honestly about the realities of living with HIV and AIDS.

Positive Voices messages are a powerful wake up call for personal responsibility and action in care and prevention, avoiding high risk behaviors and promoting positive self-esteem.  They present scientific facts and personal stories together with music that creates a strong connection with their listener's hearts and minds.  They convey messages of hope and inspiration to those living with HIV disease, and to those whose lives have been personally affected by this global tragedy.

Each member of Positive Voices has many personal achievements and has worked countless hours as community activists and advocates. Learn more about each of us here.

Positive Voices has presented programs in schools, houses of worship and many other venues throughout central Maryland and beyond, including Africa, reaching thousands of people, many of them through their relationship with the Steven Kaufman AIDS Outreach Project.  Together and as individuals, Positive Voices strives to serve as a bold and powerful tribute to the memory and legacy of Steven Kaufman, and all those lost to HIV/AIDS.

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